How To Download Your Google Data With Just a Few Clicks

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Download Your Google Data With Just a Few Clicks

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Nothing is permanent — especially on the internet — so Google is allowing users access to emails anytime, even long after the company’s online services are gone. Google offers an export system to download a copy of your data from Gmail and Google Calendar.

Previously, users had to turn to not-always-effective third-party backup or extraction services. Now, Gmailers can download their entire archive of mail in a .zip, .tbz, or .tgz format. You can also send the download link to your email or add it to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, plus download other data from services like Hangouts or Google Plus.

Ahead, see the steps you need to take to export your personal data. You’ll be thankful you know how!

— Additional reporting by Ann-Marie Alcántara


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