How To Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags
When I posted about how to recover from Google panda, I mentioned that you should let your quality pages be indexed by Google and keep others as “noindex”, but “dofollow”. This goes for your tags, categories, author pages, and monthly archive pages. Two main reasons to noindex WordPress categories and tags: Avoid post duplication. Only quality… (0 comment)

How You Can Protect the Login Page in WordPress
Web Security should be an abiding and ongoing concern for all websites. No matter what precautions you’ve taken, there is always room for improvement. This is because there is no such thing as foolproof security. Add to that, hackers are on the prowl 24×7, and so you’ve got to be on the guard constantly. Hosting, weak… (9 comments)

How To Secure Your WordPress Website 2017
I’ve seen many website owners nagging about the security of WordPress. The opinion is that an open source script is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. But that is mostly not true – sometimes it’s the other way around. Or, okay, let’s say that it’s partially true, but even then you shouldn’t blame WordPress. Why? Because… (7 comments)