How to Watch TV Shows Without Cable
Still paying for cable but looking for a way out? We’ve got a few ideas on how to keep up with your favorite shows without shelling out too much cash. Each service has different prices with a variety of shows to offer, so it’s really about prioritizing how much you need to see your cable… (55 comments)

Warm weather is (finally) upon us, which means you may need to brush up on your outdoor photography. Whether you’re vacationing in a big city, taking a trip to the rural Midwest, or coasting along the edge of California, you’ll want to document your epic Summer experiences. The seven gorgeous picture-editing apps ahead were designed for… (1 comment)

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography   Nothing is permanent — especially on the internet — so Google is allowing users access to emails anytime, even long after the company’s online services are gone. Google offers an export system to download a copy of your data from Gmail and Google Calendar. Previously, users had to turn to not-always-effective… (2 comments)

How To Find Out What Google Knows About You
Are you living and breathing in this century? Then you probably use Google in some form. For the most part, the company offers tons of ways to simplify your life, from Google Maps to other hacks, but it’s also definitely collecting lots of information on you. Thanks to a recent viral post from Imgur user… (7 comments)