5 Apps That Helps You To Save Money
When it comes to #adulting, one of the most difficult components is figuring out how to manage your own finances. Suddenly jumping (or, more accurately, being shoved off a diving board) into a sea of bills, insurance, overdraft coverage, and credit scores can make all of us feel like we’re drowning. Remind us why we… (2 comments)

17 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google
    Is there anything that Google can’t do? Sure, the search engine is our go-to place for finding sites and articles, but over time we’ve discovered that it is good for so much more than we ever expected. From offering up the weather forecast to finding books by your favorite author, there are lots… (4 comments)

  “My phone is dying — anyone have a charger?” We’ve all said that more than we’d like. Since a dead iPhone is useless, here is one tip you absolutely should follow whether you’re using the Apple charger or a portable charger. When you plug in your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom to access… (3 comments)

Wondering just how much data you’re pulling down in a given month on your iPhone? There are a few ways to check your usage, one being to head to AT&T’s wireless website, log into your account, and create a billing report (under “Bills and Payments,” click “Create Billing Report,” and then “Data Usage Trend”), which… (0 comment)

Hate going on vacation to a place with no service or somewhere with awful reception? While we can’t eliminate those problems, we do have a handy tip to still make phone calls over WiFi. The feature, called WiFi Calling, is easy to use and turn on. Just head to Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling.… (4 comments)

Image Source: Flickr user linsinchen After mastering how to photograph fireworks, you’re faced with composing a creative, eye-catching image, which isn’t always easy since everyone around you is snapping from the same angles. Take a cue from these Instagram and Flickr virtuosos for unique shots of the most festive Fourth of July light shows. Cropping… (4 comments)